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Linda Quick’s blue chip contacts and experience are being used to full advantage at the Quick Bernstein Connections Group, whose clientele includes educational institutions, policymakers, foundations and businesses. For almost forty years, Linda Quick has been at the forefront of healthcare executives in the United States, studying and analyzing the full range and scope of health facilities and community health planning. Her work has required familiarity with all aspects of health and human services systems. The vast number of projects in which she’s left an imprint range from the implementation of a neonatal intensive care system to developments in hospice care, issues related to hospital-based psychiatric services to community-based health policy planning. 

As President of the South Florida Hospital & Healthcare Association from 1994 to 2015, Ms. Quick oversaw activities in what has long been considered the most complicated healthcare market in the United States. At the Association, she led efforts to implement transparency (long before the term was coined), provided counsel to private, public and for-profit hospitals, protected consumers, and led advocacy at the local, state and national levels for over 50 hospitals in Miami-Dade, Broward, Monroe, and Palm Beach counties. 

Among her national leadership roles, Ms. Quick has served on the Governing Council of the American Public Health Association, the President of the American Health Planning Association, and the Chairperson of the Conference of Metropolitan Hospital Associations. She was on the Regional Policy Board of the American Hospital Association, and served on several AHA committees and task forces during the past twenty-two years. 

Locally, Ms. Quick sits on the advisory boards for the healthcare industry programs at the University of Miami,
Florida International and Barry University.
 She is on the Board of Governors

of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, where she has also been a

member of the Board of Directors,Executive Committee, and chaired the

Healthcare Committee for two years. She is currently on the Board of

Directors of the Economic Council of Palm Beach County.

A lifelong dedication to providing solutions for homelessness is

demonstrated by Ms. Quick’s continuous service to Carrfour

Supportive Housing Corporation, where she is a longtime

member of the Board and former Chairperson. Since 2013,

she has also been on the board of Camillus Health Concern

and Camillus House in Miami.

JERRY BERNSTEIN, Chief Financial Officer

Jerry Bernstein, a native New Yorker, spent his 20s as

a teacher, his 30s as a Respiratory Therapist, and his 40s and
50s in the family textile business. Now a Florida resident, Mr.

Bernstein has come out of semi-retirement to help steer

the company's financials. 




The focus of the Quick Bernstein Connections Group is connecting people and organizations in human services, Whether in South Florida, across the United States or around the globe, our team includes healthcare executives from every side of the table: those who have experience as executive staff; as board or lay leaders; as community stewards, and as consultants.






Our clients include recognized leaders in the healthcare industry in the United States, Europe and beyond. Linda Quick's community involvement includes a multitude of boards and task forces in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties.

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